amelia ann has left the building! (viciouslydivine) wrote in theinfiniteperk,
amelia ann has left the building!

xposted like crazy...


I'm a senior in high school and for my lit class we have to write a research paper on any book that we want. I really want to do mine on Perks because it is my absolute favorite book and I've read it about 11 times and if I were to write my paper on it, I know I wouldn't get bored with it. The problem is, since it's not an old book and isn't really considered to be a classic yet I don't know if there will be a whole lot of scholarship on it... I know there are quite a few websites but I need books and magazine articles. Has anyone tried writing a paper on Perks? Did you find enough stuff written about it that it worked out for you? Does anyone have the titles of anybooks that talk about it or any magazines that have written about it? Pleassssse help me. I'm freaking out because I'm supposed to turn in all my research and thesis Monday and I'm not getting anywhere. Thanks in advance...

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