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we accept the love we think we deserve

(if you havent read perks, what are you waiting for?!. but you might not want to read this entry cause itll spoil the book for you)

so i read the perks of a wallflower in one day yesterday. and i am almost finished reading it a second time. ... <3 amazing . i love that book. i love charlie. i wish more people were as caring as charlie. i wish i was. at first i was confused at what happened at the end, and so many people told me different things (ie: he tried to kill himself) .

but now i figured it out, about his aunt molesting him. wow, it was so vague and blahh. how many of you figured it out right away?

this book is my favorite and it is not just because it is the last one i read. this book is life changing.

<3 and i swear, in that moment, we were i n f i n a t e .
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